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Tú tienes mucho que ofrecer. En Lockton, creemos que te mereces una carrera que sea tan excepcional como lo eres tú. Empoderando a la gente. Celebrando la inclusión. Teniendo impacto. De eso se trata.

Si esto se parece a ti, imagínate nada más lo que podemos hacer juntos.

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Una carrera que adoras

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Una carrera que adoras

Cada quien ve de diferente modo lo que es una carrera significativa — y creemos que el trabajo no se trata solamente de encontrar una “buena chamba”. En Lockton tu éxito es nuestro éxito, y nosotros te brindamos oportunidades que te ayudan a crecer y crear una trayectoria profesional gratificante, como quiera que tú te la imagines.

Img- A career you love

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Impulsadas por nuestra gente

Impulsadas por nuestra gente

En Lockton te empoderamos para que cada día marques una diferencia para tus colegas, tus clientes y tu comunidad.

Nuestra cultura de apoyo ha sido parte del ADN de Lockton desde su inicio.

¿Qué hace que Lockton sea Lockton?


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Abrazando la autenticidad

Tus pasiones, aptitudes y experiencias en lo individual hacen que tú seas tú. Creemos en el poder de toda la gente y te animamos a traer tu verdadero yo a todo lo que haces.

En Lockton trabajamos duro para asegurar que nuestra gente se sienta bienvenida y valorada y les brindamos oportunidades que les ayuden a crecer en lo personal y en lo profesional. Así que sé tu mismo, aporta tus aptitudes y utiliza tu voz para tener un impacto positivo en nuestro equipo, nuestros clientes, nuestras comunidades– y en ti mismo.

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Grupos de Recursos de Colaboradores

Apoyamos y hacemos posible que múltiples Grupos de Recursos lidereados por Colaboradores dediquen espacios para apoyar a la comunidad e incrementar enlaces.

Commitment to DEI icon

Compromiso con DEI

Trabajamos en innovación y entendimiento a través de entrenamiento, eventos y oportunidades de aprendizaje manejadas por nuestros Consejos y Comités de DEI.

Opportunities for growth icon

Oportunidades de crecimiento

Brindamos oportunidades emocionantes para moldear tu experiencia de carrera e incrementar tus conocimientos, incluyendo desarrollo profesional y capacitación.

Community outreach icon

Apoyo a la comunidad

Devolvemos a la comunidad en que vivimos y trabajamos al apoyar organizaciones y causas que te son importantes a través de oportunidades para donar y ser voluntario.

Asuntos de bienestar

Asuntos de bienestar

La vida en Lockton es acerca de crecimiento, flexibilidad y reconocimiento, pero la vida es mucho más que el trabajo.

Cuidar de nuestra gente en el trabajo y en casa ayuda a que tu logres llegar a tu máximo potencial. Por eso nos enfocamos en tu salud y bienestar en general, dando prioridad a beneficios que representen una diferencia para ti y tu familia.

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Life at Lockton


Mexico Reforestamos Mexico Award

February 5, 2024

Making an impact: Mexico's CSR Team
Committed to our community. This is the philosophy of Lockton Mexico’s Committee of Social Responsibility (CSR) – and it is lived out in many ways throughout the year. As Rosalba Contreras, Human Capital Manager, says, “We live in a world where people are used to looking out for their own interests, regardless of what is happening to others. Being ‘committed to our community’ reminds us that we are not alone in this world and many people need our help. Taking action is very important to us -- and having the support of a company like Lockton, where it is part of our DNA to want to help, is simply a source of pride.” A terrific example of Lockton Mexico’s volunteerism in action is the “Locktoton,” a yearly Christmas toy drive for underprivileged children. In its 16th year, gifts -- totaling over 1,000 in 2023 -- are hand-delivered by Lockton directors dressed up in full costume as the Three Wise Men. This campaign has become an office favorite. “To be able to be a part of the illusion and the Christmas spirit for children in Mexico, giving them a little bit of happiness, fills our hearts. And the fact that our directors participate so fully reinforces the commitment we have with our community.” Lockton Mexico also lends its support in emergencies when different needs arise. For instance, in November when the hurricane hit Acapulco, Lockton Mexico raised over 500,000 pesos to help families who needed it most. The participation among the Associates is very high, leading to being designated an Empresa Socialmente Responsable (socially responsible company) in Mexico. This is in part because the Associates are given the privilege and authority to select who and what receives the support, and they see first-hand how their contributions genuinely help others. The social responsibility activities have connected Lockton Mexico more as a team – and as human beings with the simple objective of wanting to help, a wonderful privilege that demonstrates Lockton’s culture of caring.


Brian Roberts Life at Lockton Banner

August 23, 2023

My career, my story: Brian Roberts
Whether on the field or in the office, at his core, Brian Roberts is a coach. After a successful soccer career that saw him start every game during his four-year career at Yale and playing professionally with the Kansas City Wizards, Brian switched to coaching in 2005 and never truly looked back. The leadership, strategic thinking and management skills Brian learned on the pitch have since transferred to his current role at Lockton – Chief Operating Officer of the Midwest region. Since joining Lockton in 2009, Brian has held a variety of operations roles. But one thing remains – his intense focus on growth. “I believe I’m here to coach and help people get better. And I get to coach at the highest level in this role,” said Brian. At Lockton, your career is yours to customize, and Brian is one of many Associates across the globe bringing that value to life. Read more below, in Brian’s own words, about the career he’s built at Lockton. When did you start working at Lockton? In 2009, I was coaching Ron Lockton’s daughter in soccer. He told me it would be good for me if I joined Lockton. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I eventually took him up on a conversation and took the offer. At the time, I was looking for an organization that did things the right way. I had worked for a couple of places that said one thing but did the exact opposite. So, I was looking for a place that was true to itself and had the right spirit. For almost 15 years now, Lockton has been that place. What were the catalysts for your changes in positions at Lockton? The melody line of my career at Lockton is growth. I originally interviewed to be a Producer and decided that it wasn’t the right fit and so I joined the operations team. My starting title was Associate and for seven years there was no title movement. I worked on the operations team finding ways to help the business get better. I then took a different role as Director of Operations. Shortly after, 2020 happened and all the anxiety around George Floyd and diversity came to the forefront. I made some noise about our DEI efforts. That led me to take on our Chief Diversity Officer role for two years until we could hire someone. At the time, I was open to COO opportunities. When the opportunity to become COO of our Midwest region became available, I was honored to take it. What did your time as Chief Diversity Officer tell you about Lockton? My time as Chief Diversity Officer says a few things about Lockton. One, they listen to their people. Two, it would have been easy to go out and spend money to hire the best diversity resume out there. From a diversity standpoint, I couldn’t put my resume next to other candidates. The choice to hire someone internally initially was important. We needed someone who understood Lockton in that role first. There’s a right way to make changes at Lockton and there’s a wrong way. Had we brought in someone from outside Lockton, they wouldn’t have worked in our decentralized model. Peter Clune’s choice to bring me in shows our culture drives us and has to stay in the forefront and that we remain who we are. Why Lockton? It’s the people. In each spot I’ve been in, I’ve been empowered to shape the job around who I am instead of trying to shape me into the square hole that’s there. I think that’s important. That’s something Lockton does well. There’s a ton of freedom in the framework here. You have a lot of freedom to make your career what you want. How has Lockton supported you professionally? I don’t even know how to quantify all that Lockton has done for me. I’m the first person in my family to go to college and I didn’t grow up in a corporate environment. I had to learn everything – from how to dress for a corporate job to a large amount of business acumen. I’ve had a ton of on-the-job mentorship. I have a lot of room to make mistakes and try things. Fortunately, a lot of those things have worked but a lot haven’t. There were things where they didn’t work, and leadership is good with taking those swings. How has Lockton supported you personally? Well, I married a Lockton Associate, so there’s that! There’s been a couple of moments where the organization has rallied around me or my family. They’ve invested in the whole person. Whether that be investing in specific training or development, or just saying “hey you need to take some time off,” whatever the case may be, they’re invested in the Associate. How would you describe Lockton’s culture to someone outside of the company? I like to describe our culture in this way: it’s like the best locker room I’ve ever been a part of. We are all competing to be better each and every day and pushing each other to be better. There’s healthy internal competition but that competition pales in comparison to us fighting the other team. We love to win and grow, and that’s important. The best locker rooms create a culture so strong, that when someone who doesn’t fit or align with values enters it, the system spits them out. Our culture is getting stronger with what is and isn’t Lockton. Sometimes we trivialize culture and only talk about beer Fridays and parties – they’re great but not our culture. It’s about collaboration, autonomy and the growth of our people and business. What is your “Lockton moment”? I don’t have one moment. I often think about this … if I had to say something, I would say thank you to Ron [Lockton]. There aren’t that many companies that recruit a black soccer coach off the field, who majored in biology and doesn’t know anything about insurance but can bring him into the company and become a C-level executive. So, it’s not a moment, but the opportunity provided gives a great story. What has surprised you most about working at Lockton? The lack of rules always surprises me and makes me happy. People want to legislate behavior. You see in the news that when things don’t go well, we make a new rule or law. That’s proven not to work. We are a $3B company and have resisted the temptation to over-structure. We give our people freedom and autonomy, and it’s surprising we’ve been able to stay that true to who we are. I’d definitely add that to the list of reasons why I stay here. What advice would you give to someone considering a career at Lockton? It takes you two years to become Lockton smart. We’re a different company and you must accept that as you come in. You need to reserve judgment and let it come to you. We are a wonderfully weird organization. What does “You Belong at Lockton" mean to you? You’re welcome at Lockton. If there was an ellipsis, I’d finish the sentence with “You Belong at Lockton if you’re ready to be the best version of yourself.” If you’re not, then you don’t belong at Lockton. You’ve got to be willing to push and extend yourself if you really want to get the most out of working here.


Crystal Lynn Life at Lockton Banner

July 17, 2023

My career, my story: Crystal Lynn
Crystal Lynn embodies the best of finance, data, process, interpersonal relationships, business excellence, and professionalism. Since joining Lockton in 2005, Crystal’s business acumen and knack for relationship building have led her to a successful career in operations at many different levels within the Lockton organization. “I started my career at Lockton shortly out of college as a senior staff accountant in our accounting and finance department. I assumed early on I would follow the typical accounting career path, but that hasn’t been the case based on where my passion lies,” said Crystal. As a staff accountant, Crystal’s first role helped her develop a deeper knowledge of large corporate financials and the Lockton business model. But despite excelling with numbers, Crystal had a vision for the bigger picture business plans. Her ability to forge relationships, create practical and effective business solutions, and build teams from the ground up accelerated Crystal to her current position as COO of Lockton’s Transaction Liability Practice. "There are so many areas for growth outside of a traditional growth path at Lockton. My last two roles are newly created positions. As Lockton grows, so do the opportunities,” continued Crystal. At Lockton, your career is yours to customize, and Crystal is one of many Associates across the globe bringing that value to life. Read more below, in Crystal’s own words, about the career she’s built at Lockton. When did you start working at Lockton? I started at Lockton in 2005. I had just moved to Kansas City and was working with a recruiter to look for a new role. I had an offer from another highly regarded company when I received a call from the recruiter saying Lockton had a senior staff accountant position open. While I was ready to accept the other offer, the recruiter was very convincing that I should at least interview with Lockton. I interviewed with two people, one of which is still a mentor, and I knew within the first five minutes that I needed to be at Lockton. I declined the offer at the other company and this started my journey at Lockton. What were the catalysts for your changes in positions at Lockton? After two years as a senior staff accountant, I felt like I was ready to take the step to divisional controller. I was pregnant with my first child but had conversations before leaving for my parental leave that I would be promoted when I returned. I loved that role. I worked closely with the COOs, Producers and other executive leadership for my offices. Through these relationships and conversations, they knew I was interested in exploring operations, and did whatever they could to bring me into operational matters to help me develop. Then came my second child. Once again, when I came back from parental leave, I was promoted to divisional accounting manager. I was worried about what the role might be, as I was worried it would take me out of the operational aspect that I loved so much, but I had multiple Lockton leaders tell me that I can make the position what I wanted it to be. I ended up taking it. A few years into that position, I received a call that there was a need for an operations manager on the property and casualty side of the business and the P&C leadership had heard this was an area of interest to me. There was no existing role at the time. After interviewing with the leader of P&C, I was offered the position. In that role, I built strong relationships with our carrier partners and worked closely with the best P&C leaders in the industry and our Transaction Liability (TL) team, among others. Because of my close involvement with the TL team, when Lockton made the decision to invest in TL in 2020, I was asked to help acclimate the four new leaders to Lockton. As I continued to work closely with them, they asked me to be their COO. Why Lockton? What attracted me to Lockton and what has kept me at Lockton, is the people. No matter what role I’ve been in, it feels like a team. Everyone has each other’s back. Everyone is invested in others’ success. Everyone treats the business as their own. What is your favorite part about your current role? The team that we’ve created. As we are building the practice out, we are really careful about who we are hiring and bringing in to make sure they are the right cultural fit; hiring people who treat the business like it’s their own, are invested in each other’s growth and development, and dedicated to a team atmosphere. We work extremely hard, and everyone is in it together. How has Lockton supported you professionally? Lockton provided the infrastructure to grow and the people at Lockton provided the inspiration to reach. What is your “Lockton moment”? When our new TL leaders joined Lockton, I was asked to help acclimate them to Lockton. No one was forcing us to work together – I was there to temporarily help them. In February 2021, as we were working through financial plans and figuring out how we wanted to staff and bring in key hires, they started talking about needing a COO. They asked me when I was going to come over full-time and be their COO… I said, “The second you ask.” My goal was always to be a COO and that was the moment for me that was like wow, this is my shot. It was the best decision I ever made and couldn’t be happier to be in the role I’m in today, working with the most amazing team. Our employer branding tagline is “You Belong at Lockton.” What does this statement mean to you? Throughout the time that I’ve spent at Lockton, I’ve never even considered other outside opportunities. There is no place I would rather be. Crystal and the Transaction Liability team
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