February 20, 2024

Making an impact: Adam McDonough

Think big, act local, make an impact.

Adam McDonough, Producer, is a catalyst for doing more good – within the world of Lockton and for the insurance industry as a whole.

Adam’s philanthropic philosophy follows these fundamental tenants: amplify impact in communities where we live and work, unify and engage the insurance industry, and foster leadership, community-building, and camaraderie in the process.

His commitment to philanthropy is longstanding. Since 2004, Adam has been a board member of the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) – the unifying charitable foundation for the insurance industry – where many of his ideas on actualizing impact took shape. He brought this mindset to his Lockton office where he created a grassroots funding committee called Lockton Cares comprised of Lockton Associates who met monthly to approve grant requests and plan volunteer events.

Adam and his team participate in the IICF’s Week of Giving, a community service initiative where insurance professionals from across the U.S. and the U.K. volunteer in a variety of local volunteer projects.

“We set a goal – and we break a record every year. We look at as many projects as possible to try to touch on things that will appeal across the board: some opportunities involve physical work, some are indoors, others are outdoors, some in the East Bay,” he said. “We want to represent all of Lockton in the West. And then we add to that the spirit of competition with an informal rivalry among the different offices – it brings out our competitive spirit and sense of fun. You’d be surprised how a little competition can incentivize more participation.”

This year, Lockton won the most volunteer hours for the IICF Week of Giving. With 370 volunteer hours from 112 Associates, the team held five events at food banks and homeless shelters in San Francisco, cleaned and restored donated books for local children in Portland, held a food drive in Irvine, and participated in the Skechers Pier-to-Pier Walk in Los Angeles. The total number of volunteers hours was 80 more than the next closest competitor.

“We, as an industry, want to be better. We know that when we act together, we make a bigger impact.”

Adam McDonough Community Impact

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