January 30, 2024

Making an impact: Alex Yip

“Kim cannot see, Jeff and Alan cannot hear, but together, we can run.”  

"Together we can" exemplifies how Alex Yip, CEO of Greater China, takes on work, life, and community efforts. Accordingly, Alex has made tremendous strides in advocating for inclusion in sports and encouraging the business sector to get involved and give back.    

For his incredible contributions to the communities where Lockton operates, Alex was honored as the inaugural recipient of the Lockton Cares Community Impact Award in the Asia region. A donation to the Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Charitable Trust (FSMA), a support group for individuals with genetic neuromuscular diseases, on his behalf.

Alex has run, canoed, and biked with friends from the disabled community for years, expanding his appreciation for life’s varied challenges and rewards. Trained as a guide and partner for those in the disabled community, Alex lives out the “together, we can” philosophy, enjoying every step, splash, and mile of the way.  

The Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusion in Society (HKNPIS), a nonprofit organization that empowers the vision- and hearing-impaired communities by promoting physical activity, has been a beneficiary of Lockton Greater China’s community efforts. For the past five years, Lockton has proudly served as a sponsor for for the Fearless Dragon annual trail run and fundraiser, including as the title sponsor since 2022.

This year, more than 170 Lockton Associates and their family members attended, with many traveling great distances to Hong Kong to join. There are three routes offered: a 5km, 16km, and the longest, 32km, each starting and finishing at the same points. And this year, the runners’ pet dogs were welcomed to join in the fun.   

Regardless of people’s athleticism or abilities, taking this challenge on – and doing so together – deepened the Associates’ appreciation for community and for one another and raised the bar for what can be done with a strong mindset and giving heart. Lockton’s Fearless Dragon team embodies Lockton-life and its commitment to a caring culture.  

Alex summarized: “As a Master athlete, I am trained as a sprinter, not a distance runner. I accepted the distance running challenges because I would like to let people know nothing is impossible.”  


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