February 9, 2024

Making an impact: BOLD

Lockton Associate Resource Groups are truly champions for our internal and external communities. In the U.S., Lockton BOLD (Black Originators Leaders and Doers) leaders across the country came together to support high school students and educators in need of school supplies, technology upgrades, classroom resources, emotional well-being support, and general funding. 

It was the inaugural year for BOLD’s ambitious and thoughtful campaign. The BOLD leaders wanted to do something collective, and on a national scale, for their community outreach. Abiding by Lockton’s one-size-fits-none brand of thinking, a broad framework that would allow each Series to personalize it on their local level was devised.  

Each participating high school was asked to submit a wish list to their supporting Lockton BOLD group. According to Lauren Pickens, Senior Manager of Communications, “Listening to the schools’ needs instead of defining them was important to us. It felt great to know that we were giving them just what they wanted.” The wish lists were fulfilled through local fundraising efforts, and then the BOLD leaders hand-delivered the items to each school, making for a powerful and positive experience for all.  

Founders BOLD

Another wonderful, though unintentional, outcome was the camaraderie that developed among Associates through the year-long education drive. As Lauren says, “It took a lot of teamwork, and it was nice to see how everybody approached the project. There was a lot of meaningful collaboration; we shared ideas of what worked best and got to know each other better through it all.”   

BOLD Supply Drive Dallas

After a tremendous effort by each Series and a match by Lockton Cares, over $80,000 was donated to schools across the country. And several of our BOLD leaders plan to continue partnering with these schools to introduce the insurance industry into classrooms and to keep this positive connection going. 


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