February 13, 2024

Making an impact: Edna Perea

Lockton Mexico has been helping "Casa Hogar Talita Cumi", a center for children in the area, since 2010. During this time, Associates have seen children grow up and supported them with toys, school supplies, clothes and more.

However, they have never been able to help support the general maintenance of the building, which is in poor condition. But thanks to Lockton's Community Impact Award, they can fund a remodeling of their bathrooms and bedrooms. They are also donating to help those affected by Hurricane Otis with the donation money.

The Community Impact Award recognizes an Associate in each region with a $25,000 donation on behalf of the Lockton family and shareholders to a charity of the Associate’s choice as a thank you from Lockton. Edna Perea, Deputy Director in the Mexico office and the recipient of this award, has been working with the charities often through the office’s Social Responsibility Committee, which brings Associates together to make a positive impact on the areas around them.

Mexico CSR

The committee works to be proactive and to sustain significant social and civic corporate responsibility. Although they’ve previously brainstormed ways to help both of these organizations, Perea says they wouldn’t be able to carry out this change without the donation.

“Having the support of Lockton means being certain that we are generating value in the community,” Edna said. “Through social responsibility we can help others, and this is something that makes Lockton unique and one of the best places to work.

Edna serves as a leader in the committee, and she chooses to focus their efforts on education, health and welfare in Mexico. Through their work, they have helped homes and associations in Mexico and delivered contributions to the hands of children. She appreciates the focus that Lockton places on helping the community, as this is a value that is important to her.

Edna received this award because of her impact on the communities around her and the Lockton Mexico office. Although she received the award as an individual, she sees herself as a representative for her entire office and looks forward to the change that can be made with the donation.

“It is a recognition not only of the persistence that I have had in these projects, but also of the contributions of each of the Lockton Associates" she said. “I am just a representative of all of us who make up Lockton México and the most important thing is that thanks to this award we can continue with our commitment to society.”

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