March 6, 2024

Making an impact: Ted Brown

Ted Brown, President and Partner, believes that being an active part of the community is an incredible honor and responsibility.

“Being active comes in many forms,” he explained. “And I challenge and encourage others to think about when you see a need, to choose progress over perfection. Action, even if small, can be meaningful.”

Ted has been making progress for nearly 10 years to better the lives of active duty and military veterans in Colorado.

After interviewing over 100 active duty and military veterans, shadowing other foundations and surveying the Colorado veteran population, Ted identified four common themes: veterans didn’t understand the value of their experience and how it could translate to the private sector; they had no formal support for making that transition; there were no mentors available to them during their transition out of service; and veterans that were working were mostly underemployed.

Determined to find a way to better serve this population, Ted founded Valor Bridge. The 10-week program, led by executives and leadership development professionals, teaches participants business skills, helps optimize their natural strengths and translates their experience in the military to the private sector. They’re also paired with mentors for ongoing support in their transition.

Due to changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Valor Bridge combined with Salute Colorado to create an even bigger impact on the veteran community. The organization now offers three programs for recently separated military veterans to help them become leaders in business and community.

Because of his ongoing work with the veteran community, along with his incredible business results and leadership inside and outside of Lockton, Ted was named Producer of the Year in 2023. He was awarded the Producer Community Impact Award as a result.

“I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude,” said Ted on winning the award. “I’ve poured my heart and soul into this for almost 10 years now, and to see it recognized in front of my peers was very meaningful.”

Salute Colorado received a $25,000 donation on behalf of Ted from Lockton, money that will make an immediate impact within the organization.

“Lockton stands behind us,” said Ted. “They put their money where their mouth is and support us in the community. It’s an incredible environment. It’s so important to have Lockton support us in our work.”

In addition to his work with Salute Colorado, Ted is a board member for Life Skills for Soldiers, which teaches active military members financial acumen and skill building. He is also the producer sponsor of the Veterans Lockton Empowered Associate Network in the Denver office.

“At the end of the day, people want to be fulfilled and feel valued in their work,” said Ted. “The Lockton family and organization has done a fantastic job of providing opportunities for career fulfillment through the support of my personal and professional ambitions.”

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