May 26, 2023

Your journey is our journey: Supporting your mental health

According to the World Health Organization, mental disorders affect one in eight people around the world. Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States brings attention to mental health and how essential it is to overall health and well-being.

At Lockton, our caring culture means we’re invested in the health and well-being of our people around the globe. In recent years, Lockton has increased our investment in benefits to support our people through various life events – including supporting their mental health.

Available on the first day of employment to eligible Associates in the U.S., the benefits have made a significant impact in a short amount of time to help our people reach their ultimate potential.

“We want to create a caring culture where people can have things taken care of. They don’t have to spend extra time finding providers or worrying about the future. We want our people to be the best in the business and to do that, they need access to care,” said Nicholas Harbert, Senior Benefits Manager.

And the investment continues to show success.

“Lockton does a great job of making support available to Associates, said Sean Glavin, Producer. “We have access to anything we need from a benefits standpoint and it’s up to each Associate to take advantage of which benefits they need.”

Providing access to quality healthcare – including behavioral health support

In addition to industry-leading medical benefits, our people have access to a fully integrated virtual healthcare platform and a digital mental healthcare platform.

The first helps Associates find high-quality network providers that match their specific needs, leading to better care and overall health. The service also offers second opinions regarding diagnosis or treatment, which helps support our people when making critical and mentally taxing health-related decisions.

Additionally, our digital mental health care platform, a benefit available to all Associates regardless of medical plan enrollment status, gives our people the ability to meet with mental health coaches and therapists to create personalized recommendations and care that is right for them. Not only do Associates have access, but their spouses and dependents do as well. This year, we increased the number of covered visits using this platform and continue to encourage Associates to utilize the benefit.

“We’ve seen a really high utilization with the digital platforms. This was something that our Associates needed, and it has been so appreciated,” said Harbert.

Additionally, our wellness program provides assessments, guides and tools to help Associates identify and manage conditions independently.

By offering multiple places to address physical and mental health, our people can access the help they need when and where they need it.

Decreasing the impact of reproductive health and fertility challenges

Fertility and reproductive issues can have a significant impact on mental health, and Lockton has a suite of benefits to help Associates every step of the way.

“We set out to support our people where they are and give them access to the care they need at every step of the journey. It’s the right thing to do,” said Harbert.

Through the medical plan, we offer support to Associates facing complicated paths to starting a family – reducing the mental burden for everyone involved – as well as generous fertility benefits.

Additionally, the recent inclusion of a virtual clinic for women’s and family health has made a large impact on Lockton families. The clinic provides free virtual care for those seeking support during their journey to pregnancy and beyond. Through care advocates, unlimited on-demand video appointments with mental health specialists, fertility specialists and other providers, and breast milk shipping, the platform provides our people with peace of mind throughout the entire reproductive and parenting process.

“I have been so impressed by the resources the virtual clinic provides,” said Sarah Madsen, Communications Manager. “My care advocate built a team for me based on my needs, and now I have access to physical therapists, mental health providers, counselors, and coaches – all from an app on my phone. It has been an invaluable resource, and I’m so grateful to Lockton for supporting families and providing access to such great benefits.”

Additionally, we offer a 12-week parental leave – a benefit that’s been in place for years. This allows all our Associates time away from the office to bond with their child.

“I came from an industry where there was no paternity leave,” said Glavin. “It made me feel like my career was my identity. However, Lockton 100% had my back and allowed me to take care of myself and my family. That separation between family and career allows us to be better when we do return to work.”

The ability to support our people and their families through all stages of life is important and something we will continue to improve upon.

Offering creative financial health solutions

Financial problems and mental health issues are intrinsically linked.

Lockton’s partnership with Creative Planning gives our people discounted access to wealth management experts to create custom financial plans that meet goals and relieve the mental strain associated with financial decisions.

Additionally, our involvement with an online financial wellness program gives Associates access to personalized financial well-being and money management tools to help with financial fundamentals.

By providing professional and Associate-led options, we can meet our people wherever they are in their financial journey in a comfortable environment.

Taking care of loved ones

Through various resources, Lockton Associates can connect with vetted care for children or seniors, giving them peace of mind that their loved ones are in good care while they are at work, reducing the mental burden that can be associated with caregiving.

Empowering our people

In addition to Lockton-provided benefits, our Associates across the country are encouraged to support the conversation around mental health not just in May, but year-round. Through grassroots virtual yoga and meditation events, team outings, and conversations on our internal communication platform, our people can support one another, no matter where they are physically located.

Additionally, our Associate Resource Groups provide spaces for like-minded Associates and allies to share their wins, concerns and best practices with each other.

“I believe that Lockton’s LEAN groups have been integral to my overall mental health,” said Mary Dunz, Senior Global Research Analyst. “It’s a beautiful thing to be able to find commonality and community with people that you work with. It makes me feel less isolated in experiences that only a certain group of people could understand.”

At Lockton, we’re ready to meet you where you are today and as your needs change. We’re here to support you and your family, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

“We are trying to have a holistic benefit plan that everyone can be a part of and feels good to participate in. Lockton has always been at the forefront of being different and leading the industry in benefits. We aren’t doing what others are doing. We’re doing what’s best for our Associates. It’s not always about the bottom line – it’s about what’s best for our people,” said Harbert.

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