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Construction Account Executive-Commercial Insurance

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Chicago, United States of America

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Working at Lockton

At Lockton, we’re passionate about helping our people achieve their ultimate potential. Our people are curious, action-oriented and always striving to make ourselves and those around us better. We’re active listeners working to ensure understanding and problem solvers developing innovative solutions. If you can see yourself delivering excellent service to clients, giving back to our communities and being a part of our caring culture, you belong here.

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Your Responsibilities


  • Maintains and enhances Lockton’s relationships with existing Clients by executing proactive, creative, and on-going contact initiatives
  • Manage a book of national construction clients including general contractors, trade contractors, and developers
  • Have a working knowledge of loss sensitive program structures
  • Have a working knowledge of construction specific coverages including builder’s risk, wrap ups, contractor’s pollution liability, and professional liability
  • Have a working knowledge of contractual insurance requirements within construction industry
  • Proactively understands the requirements and needs of a Client account
  • Provide strategic planning and consulting advice to clients including the production of Requests for Proposal, coordination of vendor responses, analysis and comparison of RFP responses, and preparation of a client report with recommendations
  • Consults regularly with Clients to review large claims, abnormal utilization results, and monthly claims experience
  • Assists in the establishment and attainment of revenue goals for existing and new business
  • Provides input in the development and implementation of policies and procedures, as well and operating and strategic plans within area of specialty
  • Develops and maintains dependable working relationships with carriers, broker servicing networks, and other providers
  • Oversees issue-resolution between Client and the Vendor
  • Coordinates market selection for new and renewal business on designated accounts
  • Generates new business opportunities through cross-selling
  • Negotiates program terms and costs
  • May help coordinate the day-to-day administrative activities among those servicing the Client’s account including the coordination of all support services such as claims and loss control
  • Provides information, concepts, techniques, and programs to department Associates to improve and enhance working knowledge
  • Mentors and trains junior-level staff
  • Researches and understands construction industry trends
  • Performs other responsibilities and duties as needed
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  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or related field and/or years of experience equivalent
  • Typically more than 7 years of Client services experience is required
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint)
  • Strong verbal and interpersonal communication skills required
  • Demonstrates strong working knowledge and experience within brokerage industry
  • Understands industry trends and governmental regulations
  • Ability to complete continuing education requirements as needed
  • Ability to attend company, department, and team meetings as required, including industry training sessions
  • Ability to comply with all company policies and procedures, proactively protecting confidentiality of Client and company information
  • Ability to efficiently organize work and manage time in order to meet deadlines
  • Ability to travel by automobile and aircraft
  • Ability to use office equipment such as a computer, keyboard, calculator, photocopier, and facsimile machine
  • Ability to work on a computer for a prolonged amount of time
  • Ability to work outside of normal business hours as needed
  • Legally able to work in the United States


Equal Opportunity Statement

Lockton Companies is proud to provide everyone an equal opportunity to grow and advance. We are committed to an inclusive culture and environment where our people, clients and communities are treated with respect and dignity.

At Lockton, supporting diversity, equity and inclusion is ingrained in our values, and we believe that we are at our best when we fully embrace everyone. We strive to cultivate a caring culture that learns from, celebrates and thrives because of our breadth of differences. As such, we recognize that recruiting, developing and retaining people with diverse backgrounds and experiences is vital and enabling our people to thrive personally and professionally is critical to our long-term success.

About Lockton

Lockton is the largest privately held independent insurance brokerage in the world. Since 1966, our independence has allowed us to serve our clients, take care of our people and give back to our communities. As such, our 10,000+ Associates doing business in over 100 countries are empowered to do what’s right every day.

At Lockton, we believe in the power of all people. You belong at Lockton.

How We Will Support You

At Lockton, we empower you to be true to yourself in all that you do. Your success is our success, and we provide opportunities to help you grow and create a rewarding career path, however you envision it.

We are ready to meet you where you are today, and as your needs change over time. In addition to industry-leading health insurance, we offer additional options to support your overall health and wellbeing.

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No Agencies Please

Any Employment Agency, person or entity that submits an unsolicited resume to this site does so with the understanding that the applicant's resume will become the property of Lockton Companies, Inc. Lockton Companies will have the right to hire that applicant at its discretion and without any fee owed to the submitting Employment Agency, person or entity. Employment Agencies, who have fee Agreements with Lockton Companies must submit applicants to the designated Lockton Companies Employment Coordinator to be eligible for placement fees.

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Life at Lockton

Savannah Patel Life at Lockton Article Header

July 19, 2024

My internship experi...
Savannah Patel is a rising senior set to graduate in May 2025 from the University of Tennessee. She came to Lockton with an interest in the insurance industry and spent the summer with the People Solutions practice in St. Louis, Missouri. Learn more about Savannah and her summer internship experience in her own words. Before I started my internship at Lockton, I had a general interest in insurance, but I wanted to grow deeper in my understanding. Now, nearing the end of my internship, I can say that my experience has far surpassed that, and I now have a passion for the industry. I was personally drawn to the People Solutions internship at Lockton, because employee benefits is an essential for most businesses. Furthermore, I was curious as to how we work with carriers to provide employee benefits services to our clients. The healthcare aspect of benefits is also very interesting – that’s not something we get to learn about in school, and so I was excited to learn more! Looking back at my time this summer, there are two things that really stood out: the real-world experience and Lockton’s culture. The first is how hands-on this program is. I was able to attend an actual client call the other day. They’re in the renewal process and so it was fascinating to go through their options for funding, carriers and so on to see how that all works. I’ve been exposed to a lot of real-life experience, including analyzing documents, reviewing benefits summaries, working on RFPs, and more. I’m a curious person, so seeing all the work and things that I’ve learned this summer come to life was invigorating! The other great thing about this internship was experiencing Lockton’s culture. The culture here is amazing! Lockton has philosophies and values which they operate by, and those really stuck with me. I can see those come to life when people walk into the office. Everyone here is dedicated, passionate and very welcoming. I know I can reach out to anyone for help. I enjoy being in a work environment where everyone supports and lifts each other up. My mentor gave me two pieces of really great advice my first week here: 1) always bring a notebook to your meetings – you can always learn something new and 2) don’t hesitate to reach out to other members of your unit to learn. I’m always looking to learn and apply myself, so it was great to be able to connect with so many different members of my unit and employees at Lockton during my time here. If I were to share some advice for future interns, I’d say to be curious and ask questions. You can’t grow if you aren’t taking advantage of the opportunities given to us during this internship. Everyone at Lockton is so welcoming and here to help. Overall, my summer internship experience was incredible. Personally, I love when things connect with each other. I was able to take the training and development opportunities, apply them to my tasks and projects, and ultimately find a new passion. It was an amazing summer.
Sabrina Davis Life at Lockton Article Header

July 18, 2024

My internship experi...
Sabrina Davis is set to graduate in December 2024 from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Despite not having a traditional background in the insurance industry, she spent the summer with the People Solutions practice in St. Louis, Missouri. Learn more about Sabrina and her summer internship experience in her own words. I found Lockton through my university’s employment app, Handshake. Initially, I was searching for marketing internships in St. Louis, but more than that, I was looking for any experience that would be more collaborative and people facing than my previous jobs. When I saw the title “People Solutions Intern” I knew I had to learn more since what I cared about most (the people) was listed in the name! Honestly, I wasn’t familiar with the insurance broker industry or insurance at all but was curious to explore a new avenue in the corporate world. So, after reading the description, I took a chance and applied. That being said, I did not have expectations for the summer. I have learned from previous experiences that it is best to come with an open and curious disposition when approaching a new job. Lockton blew me away. Their commitment to Associate development and mentorship throughout this program has been amazing. Every training and meeting have been relevant and directly applicable to the tasks we have been assigned. What I have enjoyed learning most has been how Lockton utilizes technical expertise within their consulting practices. They marry the analytical with the personal in creative ways which makes for exciting learning opportunities. Those opportunities have come from many people throughout the office. My mentor, Lexi, has been a huge help in explaining her role as an Account Manager and how it plays into the bigger picture. She and our Intern Directors, Jennifer and Anna, have been great at linking all we learn together. Everyone in the office is open and receptive to questions which is great because we interns have plenty of them! My favorite thing about Lockton is the emphasis they make on being curious. It is something that I have worked to develop in my own life, so coming to a company that strives for and encourages that in their employees has been wonderful. One takeaway from my time at Lockton is to have a high standard for where I choose to work after graduation. Being at Lockton this summer has shown me that there truly are companies who care about people, and not just in a general sense but in tangible ways. In a way these 10 weeks have spoiled me for the experience of anything less.
Alexander San Jose Life at Lockton Article Header

July 16, 2024

My internship experi...
Alexander San Jose is a rising senior studying finance at Florida State University. He worked with the People Solutions practice during his summer internship in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Learn more about Alexander and his summer internship experience in his own words. What initially attracted you to the Lockton internship program? The opportunity to work in an industry that I was always very keen on, yet never took advantage of pursuing a career in it. I have always viewed insurance as a stable industry that is constantly adapting, and I decided to make it my primary career choice. Who was your mentor/team during the summer? I was very fortunate to work with the People Solutions team, and the mentors that I reported to were Marissa Stringer and Ed Rivas, two brilliant, experienced, and amazing individuals. They constantly guided me in the right direction, answering all of my questions with extra detail so I could understand everything and perform my duties to the best of my ability. What were your expectations or hopes coming into the summer? What were you looking forward to learning? This was my first internship and I was not sure about what to expect. I had many thoughts about the kinds of work I’d be getting into, along with doubts about whether I could keep up and perform above expectations. The main takeaways I hoped I would get from this internship were connections, professional and casual relationships with my coworkers, and experience in an industry that I was unfamiliar with to build my foundation of knowledge. Has the summer been what you envisioned? I am very happy with how this summer has gone for me. I expected myself to have a slow start with orientation and onboarding assignments, but as the weeks went on, the workload became more diverse and exciting. I expected myself to have a hard time getting assignments done and interacting with others often to address questions, but thankfully, it has been the opposite of that, and I couldn’t be happier. What was your favorite part of the summer? My favorite part of the entire summer had to be after each lunch, I would make "Cafecito" espresso shots and hand them out to everyone who wanted one. Each day, I would come into the office and everyone would call me the "coffee king," and it was just a very fun and wholesome moment each day. What are some things that you learned this summer? A couple of things I picked up from this summer were the work ethic everyone has, the attention to detail and the vast amount of detail involved with all assignments, and the fact that everyone in the Pembroke Pines office loves little shots of Cafecito to give them a boost of energy. What's your favorite thing about Lockton? My favorite thing must be how well every Associate is treated. Not one of my coworkers has been shy, quiet, or non-inclusive of someone. Everyone interacts with everyone, and all get along superbly. Lockton has a great culture and treats its employees like family. A culture like this, where the employees are taken care of, has multiple benefits, as I’ve seen the reach of this effect spread to everyone. What is one takeaway from your time at Lockton that you will carry with you? One thing I will carry with me is the positivity and encouragement that I’ve been given here. I have never been in an environment where a title doesn’t give someone false power over another person or fights occur between coworkers. I have been showered with love, respect, kindness, and knowledge. I have been blessed to feel this way and have been treated the way I was, and this is a feeling that everyone should feel. If I can spread that to at least one other person, I will show that this company's culture is a recipe for success anywhere.
Clarissa Franks Life at Lockton

March 28, 2024

My career, my story:...
For Clarissa Franks, Lockton is synonymous with growth and opportunity. An industry veteran of over 15 years, Clarissa joined Lockton in November 2023 to capitalize on opportunity – opportunities for personal and professional growth, client advocacy, and growth. “I came from a broker that was constantly tied up in the numbers and margin,” said Clarissa. “I wanted to be challenged by opportunity and what’s possible, not what we needed to do to keep margins. When I met with Ron [Lockton], he was interested in me – not the numbers. And I knew this opportunity would be different.” And four months in, she can confidently say Lockton is different. “The people are the biggest difference. There’s a difference in the quality of the teams – everyone at every level is consistent,” she said. “It’s not just your superstar Producers – every team member is fantastic.” But what really stood out to Clarissa is the community here at Lockton. “The vibrancy and enthusiasm around our Associate Resource Groups (ARG) really struck me,” she said. “There’s executive support behind them and a lot of time and energy is spent cultivating these groups.” Clarissa specifically mentions the Ignite group – Lockton’s young professional group. Clarissa recently had the opportunity to speak to the group about career paths, adversity in the workplace and finding work-life balance, amongst other topics. “The impact of this group – promotions, mentorships, access to leadership and career experience - is powerful,” she noted. “Things are changing at Lockton and our ARGs will continue to help that.” Something that continues to be at the forefront at Lockton is diversity. Lockton is a proud sponsor of the Tate Museum to promote the importance of DEI, artistic risk-taking, community engagement and access to art for all. An upcoming exhibit, titled Now You See Us and sponsored by Lockton, comes on display later this year. Clarissa, who is speaking at the opening event, sees the parallels. “The exhibition is about celebrating women artists who refused to be boxed in by the stereotypes of their time,” explained Clarissa. “So often in the workplace, women aren’t given proper credit for the work they’re doing. I don’t think that describes Lockton at all. Here, women are seen and acknowledged.” “People can be themselves here. They can bring their whole selves to a space where they can be seen, wear their heart on their sleeves and show their passion. I’m still new, but I feel like I’m at home.”